Caring for Trees During Drought


Anywhere in the world, you can experience a drought. During these dry times, it becomes more important than ever to nurture your trees and keep the ecosystem healthy. Below is a list full of tips to help you keep those trees from getting thirsty.

Where to Water

When watering trees in drought, and in general, you will want to water beyond the drip line. This can be found by looking at where the branches stop at the widest part of the tree top. The reason for this is trees roots don’t usually have taps near the base, instead the tap roots are concentrated where the water will drip down the most.

How Much to Water

In drought, too much water can be just as bad for your trees as not having enough! This means that having the right amount of water is very important to the tree’s health. Generally speaking, the amount of water that is given to the trees should saturate between 12-18 inches of the soil to ensure it reaches the roots but does not flood them.

Retain Moisture

It is important to help the tree retain moisture in between watering to ensure health. The best way to accomplish this is mulching. By using an organic mulch like tree bark, you can reduce heat and hold the water in the ground for longer periods of time.

Prune Trees

Lastly, it is important to prune and maintain your trees’ leaves and branches regularly. The tree will require more water and nutrients as it grows. Pruning it will reduce the size and living parts of the tree allowing it to survive on less water. Pruning also helps with the structure and stability of the tree, especially in dry times.