The Care and Feeding of Olive Trees

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Sunlight and placement

Olive trees require an ample amount of sunlight and soil that’s well-drained. Though the trees need regular watering to live and grow, avoid planting them in soil with too much or standing water and places that tend to flood. Sunlight is also extremely important in caring for your Olive tree. The planting site chosen should receive at least six hours of full sunlight per day.

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Growing Papaya Tree and Care

The Papaya, or Pawpaw, tree originated in South America and Mexico but has now spread to basically anywhere with a tropical climate. There are many varieties of Papaya fruit, but the main types of Papaya fruit recognized in the U.S. are Red Lady, Maradol, and various Solo types.


In order to be successful when growing Papaya trees, you will need a frost free climate, a good amount of sunlight, along with water and good nutrient rich soil. If grown successfully, a Papaya tree will begin producing fruit in 6-12 months.

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Silk Tree Gardens





   Pink Flowering Mimosa Trees

             Rapid Growing; Mature tree produces beautiful pink flowers;

Ornamental tree which provides selective shade;  The Mimosa tree works well

in a variety of garden styles

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